Field of Action – Digital Infrastructure

This sub-project consists of an analysis of the current technical conditions within the city of Köthen (Anhalt) in the field of smart technologies. It serves to identify potential business areas or new developments in technical terms.

Special attention is paid here to the real estate industry. This represents a specific field of activity. The city of Köthen (Anhalt), the sole shareholder of the Wohnungsgesellschaft Köthen mbH, offers all possibilities for this. Digital services relating to the housing industry in particular offer students and citizens further independence in terms of time. The aim of this work package is a technical analysis and an overview of possible new business areas and viable developments in the field of smart technologies for municipalities.

By means of a prototype, the possibilities of a networked recording of consumption data of the different basic supply units are to be demonstrated. A cost-effective infrastructure is to be used for this purpose.