Project Desription

The "Digital Innovation Lounge" is intended to help Köthen and the region to form the digital transformation for citizens and companies in close cooperation with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.
Improved infrastructure can further enhance the attraction of Köthen and the surrounding area. For this purpose, the fields of action Digital Education and Digital Infrastructure, shall enable the way to a networked city. The DIL - Digital Innovation Lounge is a contact and active initiator for all projects related to Saxony-Anhalt's digital agenda. 

Field of Action

Digital Infrastructure

This subproject includes an analysis of the current technical conditions in terms of smart technologies within the city of Köthen (Anhalt). ​The purpose is to identify potential business areas and new developments in technical terms. Special attention is paid here to the real estate sector. This represents a specific field of work. As the sole shareholder of the ​​Housing Association Köthen mbH (Wohnungsgesellschaft Köthen mbH), the city of Köthen (Anhalt) offers all possible options in this regard. ​Digital services related to residential management offer students and citizens further independence. Our goal for this work package is a technical analysis as well as an overview of possible new business areas as well as feasible developments in the field of smart technologies for municipalities. The possibilities of a networked recording of consumption data of the different basic supply units are to be shown on the basis of a demonstrator. A cost-effective infrastructure is to be used for this purpose. 

The individual projects

Field of Action

Digital Education

The future workspaces could be located in the area of telecommuting, the so-called "home office". Here lies a great potential to further improve Köthen as a location through this digitalization project and compensate any disadvantages the location may have.
This sub-project is intended to create an opportunity to improve digital and media skills. Especially here, an opportunity can be created to build up adult education in the area of public proximity. Another point is the opportunity to promote the regional economy with further education offers and certification courses. 
Here the activities in co-operation with the schools are to be strengthened. In consultation with the relevant authorities, further training courses for teachers are also to be created. The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences' continuing education center is involved in the project. Another important aspect is the development of an offer for the digital competence increase of the students at the different schools of the city of Köthen (Anhalt). 

The individual projects

Saxony-Anhalt's Digital Agenda

The Digital Agenda is the guideline for the digital transformation of Saxony-Anhalt. Latest information, contacts, as well as responsible ministries and measures for implementation can be found on the digital portal.

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Evaluation of possible sub-projects through interaction with citizens.
# Public platform for communication and exchange of ideas.

Contact portal and forum for digital transformation.
# Development of digital and demand-oriented subprojects.

Implementation of representative pilot projects for each field of action.
# Raising citizens' awareness of digital transformation. 

Digital Innovations

Individual Projects

Concentration and implementation of sub-projects as strategic fields of development.

Our main focus here is on describing the digital processes in detail and providing possible solutions. The aim is to continue with the implementation of these solutions and to identify and apply for possible funding programs. This project will work on these fields of action and provide the necessary support for implementation. 

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